This is an easy topic to address aso i'll get straight to it.

Activewear is so comfortable i find it hard to think of a day or situation were activewear would really not be appropriate!


I mean come on, soft stretchy fabric designed to be comfortable and flexible, what could be more appealing, especially on a Sunday.


Chores around the house, playing with the kids, perhaps some gardening or maybe just assuming the potato position by laying on the couch. Whatever the activity Activewear lends itself to it with certain flair.

When would it be more appropriate to wear such a combination of colours to hoover the house i mean come on, have i convinced you yet?


Whatever your preference there really is no right or wrong answer but for those of you on the fence i'd say, you don't know if you going to like it unless you try it so throw on your favourite set and bask in the completely certainty of one hell of a comfortable day.