The rise of social media and the descent of social interaction.

Social media has been a blessing for many things, never has the world been so well connected.

The whole world connected by social platforms showing whats happen, whats hip, and what's fashionable.

But should it being showing us what we should look like.
So many beautiful fit people with curves in the right places, flat tummys, perky breasts and perfectly peach shaped rears.

Is this real though, and can we achieve this look, or should we even want to?

The pressure we put on ourselves to look and model ourselves from what we see online is in my opinion at times unhealthy and unrealistic.

What we are actually seeing is either the 0.001 percentile of people who have amazing genes and can actually achieve the look we are seeing, or the images are photoshopped and adjusted using one of the many apps available designed to make our online selves, more a vision of our imaginary selves, than a true example of our real selves.

What does all of this unachievable media do to us?

Unhealthy eating, excessive training, antisocial behaviours, more time isolated online, less time in the real world enjoying the free god given joys that were provided to us at birth

The figurative 100 yard dash to look like the people we see online is probably as stressful as a full time job lol, and for most has zero financial gain!

what should we be looking for?

Embracing who you are and what you have is a far happier approach.
Healthy eating, fun with friends, sleeping well, less time on social media more time interacting with people.

We only get one attempt at this wonderful game called life.

Living a Healthy balanced life

We all like looking good and wearing things that make us feel nice.
This doesn't mean we have to kill ourselves trying to be something we are not.

This is why i am such a big fan of shapewear. I like working out moderately 3-4 times a week, but i also enjoy hanging out with my friends and eating pizza occasionally.

I don't want to starve myself to fit into a size 0 and quite frankly i don't imagine any healthy person would want to either.

So should the urge or need arise where i'd like to smooth out a few bumps or provide support to my stomach, thighs, rear, or chest with a little compression to fit into the newest edition purchased from one of my many fav stores, i turn to my Luv Curves shapewear arsenal to give me a helping hand in my time of need.

Whether you are a fan of shapewear or not most of us would agree attempting to emulate the images and lifestyle we see online is a fruitless endeavor and more time should be spent on be happy with what we have and using the tools around us to give us what we need.

I hope this short insight has been useful, and you spend the rest of your day being the amazing person you are.

Ciao for Now.