Shapewear is a personal choice, whether you wear it or not. Some women make shapewear a part of their everyday life, while some choose to wear it for special occasions or big events. However you decide to wear it, it’s up to you, as long as you feel great! 

There are so many different styles and types of shapewear, all depending on the type of control that you need. The key to choosing the best shapewear is ensuring that it's comfortable and it suits the outfit that you are wearing it with. As well as types and styles, you’ll also need to consider your shapewear size, different areas will require different sizes. Here at Luv Curves we are experts in shapewear and shapewear sizing!

Shapewear Sizing

When it comes to shapewear sizing, it’s important that you don’t rely on your shapewear to help you fit into that dress that is a size smaller. It’s more likely to show extra lumps and bumps, and in places where you wouldn't want them to be. Buy your true size and ensure that you look and feel great, with control in all the right places. As well as not buying too small, we advise that you don’t buy too big, this can cause discomfort. Most modern shapewear options include the right amount of stretch for you and will ensure that you feel comfortable at all times. 

How to Measure for Shapewear

For underbust or bra sizes, measure directly under the breasts, rounding up to the nearest whole inch. Your bust should be measured while wearing a supportive but non-padded bra. Find your waist point by bending slightly to the side and locate where your body creases.

Use a proper tape measure and when measuring, ensure that it stays flat on your body, you could get someone to help you if necessary. You will get a much more accurate measurement if you enlist help off someone. If you don't have a tape measure, you could use a piece of string and then measure this with a ruler. 

Dress Size

Shapewear that focuses on your waist, such as briefs, shaping shorts or camisoles will be sold with dress size guidance. If you usually are between dress sizes, choose the size that matches your waist measurement, you should measure your waist and use the brand size guides. You may find that specific brands provide product and garment information to help you. 

Bust Size

Shape and sculpt wear that involves a cup size, such as a bodysuit or corset will use bra sizing. Make sure that you check your bra size before you choose your shapewear. Whilst the majority of women tend to vary their bra size throughout their life, we recommend that you regularly check your bra size, especially when you are buying something new. 

Body Shape

If you are using shapewear to enhance your body shape, we advise that you choose a style and a size that suits you. If you need different sizes for different parts of your body, when it comes to choosing a bodysuit you will need to go by measurements and the part of your body which is the focus of the support. 

Shapewear Colour

When choosing your shapewear colour, you should consider the colour of your outfit and your skin tone, black shapewear is a brilliant choice when it comes to the little black dress, it also works great under thinner clothing. Over the summer and in the more warmer months, you could try lighter coloured shapewear as this will look more flattering under lighter summer clothes.