Shapewear has never been seen as the most glamorous or even comfortable thing to wear. However, these days its becoming more and more popular, with thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians and singer, Lizzo, shapewear is now much more fun, colour and inclusive. If you’re new to shapewear you may be unsure of what type to go for, especially in the summer as adding more layers can make you hot and bothered. Here we help you to find the best shapewear for the summer - helping you to create a gorgeous shape with comfortable layering.  You can check out winter shapewear here.


Summer is pretty much here and the weather is picking up! With this in mind, when it comes to shapewear we recommend you look for pieces that are made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton. They will allow airflow and their airy nature means that you’re unlikely to overheat and feel uncomfortable. 


summer shapewear


Shapewear No Nos

Avoid shapewear that includes too much fabric and that is made from heavy materials, a thick bodysuit can mean that you and your curves are sweating and uncomfortable, when there’s too much fabric it won’t be able to control moisture, especially as it gets hotter and hotter. 

Shapewear for Summer Dresses and Shorts

Instead of bodysuits, you could try high waist briefs, control thongs or shapewear shorts, these can help with shaping your stomach area without making you feel uncomfortable. They are the perfect option for control without the need for excess fabric and heat. However it is important to remember that your shapewear will depend on your clothes, you may need different pieces of shapewear for different outfits. 

Booty Lifting

Like shapewear shorts and high waist briefs, bottom lifting shaping is a brilliant option for summer outfits. Look for shapewear that feels comfy but is supported, usually a band that will shape your bottom and thighs whilst being flexible, so you can move freely. 

Tummy Control

Spanx have always been a winner, their waistband that stays in place will make you feel secure. As well as being seamless they also come in a range of colours, styles and sizes, so they are perfect for summer shaping. 

Maternity Support

Shapewear is also great if you’re pregnant as you may feel like you need some extra support. It's very important that maternity shapewear is comfortable and breathable, especially whilst your body is changing. Maternity shapewear will give you a lovely smoothing effect under your dresses, trousers or blouse, the added support also makes them great for lounging around the house!

Full Bodysuits

The right breathable bodysuit will be perfect for the summer, a light material that shapes, supports and lifts your body will ensure comfort, as well as looking and feeling great! 

Support Slips

Support slip dresses are a great base layer, they are seamless and come with a wireless lift, as well as moisture wicking material that will ensure coverage all day long, leaving you to relax and enjoy!

Shapewear Tank Tops

Whether it's for a simple t-shirt or a camisole, shaping tank tops will help to smooth the stomach area, they come with adjustable straps, no unwiring and built in bust support. With a range of colours available, they also come with different size straps, so you will always find an option to go under your tops and t-shirts.