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Today we are going to tackle a commonly asked question amongst many women and men of all sizes that are interested in shapewear and this is “why is shapewear so expensive?”
Well the answer is quite simple: “Because it actually works!” Shapewear comes in many types, sizes, patterns, and styles with a common function. It acts to compress areas of the body to make them appear slimmer. Shapewear can help to make you appear slimmer in dresses, work clothes or even a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Shapewear can target many areas of the body with all of the different styles on the market today. You can choose what spots to target such as your thighs, butt, stomach, legs, chest, or even your arms! Shapewear has become a common fad and many people are taking advantage of these awesome pieces. It has actually been proven that shapewear has helped to improve people’s confidence, making them feel better and look better.

So where does the cost come from? Shapewear does range in price by the style of the piece and also the brand. You can pay around £10 per item all the way up to over £80-£90 depending on the brand. Usually, the price tag does tell you something. The reason behind why there is a high price tag on so many pieces of shapewear is because many retailers and companies use the highest quality material and fabrics that are involved in making it work and giving you the results you need. They do not shy away and use a cheap material that do not perform as well. If companies are paying a lot for the materials to make the garments, then they will have to price it higher to make some profit off of the garments. It makes sense!

Cathy Fitzpatrick, an image consultant, conducted a study to test the difference between three high-waisted mid shaper pieces of shapewear. Model and tester, Shannon Owens, did the testing of each shapewear and instantly could see the results when trying them on. When she looked in the mirror, the difference between the three was obvious. She preferred to go with the more expensive brand.

“It was more comfortable,” she stated. “The more expensive brand was definitely the best one of them all. It held me in, and I can still breathe.” It is all about the quality, "the price is not that much of a difference if I am going to see a difference in the mirror,” Araceli Herrera, another tester, stated.

If you are questioning why shapewear is so expensive and debating whether to spend your money on it, remember the brands that actually work costs more! Our Online store (Luv Curves) offers top of the line shapewear. All of the pieces are designed to give you the results you need. If you want it to work, then don’t worry about looking at the price tag. Treat yourself to a great piece of shapewear. You will feel a lot more confident and won’t be disappointed in your decision!